Excavator Line Up – Kennedy Square Demolition

Yes. That is snow in the background. No. This is not a recent photo. Thank God! I grabbed this photo back in March and forgot about it until now. Kobelco and Komatsu excavators of all shapes and sizes.


Kobelco and Komatsu Excavators – Click to Enlarge

This equipment was participating in the demolition of Kennedy Square. A former public housing complex in downtown Syracuse. You may recall a Komatsu PCL600LC was used to slowly dismantle two multistory structures. Over the months I accumulated plenty of footage of the demolition. Now that the project is nearing a close it feels right to clean out the archives and publish what remains. Now about this Cat 345BL. A stocky looking machine.


Cat 345BL Excavator – Click to Enlarge

Jumping back to more current times we have a few of the machines from above working to sort scrap and feed a concrete crusher.

Hopefully in the near future I will be able to grab footage of new construction on this very land courtesy of an ever expanding SUNY Upstate.

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