Famous Trucks – Peterbilt 378

The summer blockbuster movie season is underway and perhaps one of the most anticipated movies on the horizon is the third and final Christopher Nolan created Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises.  Thinking back to the last movie, which was nothing short of epic, I am reminded of the wonderful action scene involving a whole fleet of heavy duty trucks battling it out on the underground streets of Gotham City.

One of the main players in this sequence was an 80’s something Peterbilt 378.  To complete the shooting nearly twenty 378’s were purchased and modified to be identical.  If you are familiar with this part of the movie you won’t be surprised to learn that only one of the twenty trucks survived the movie.  See below.

The other trucks in the chase scene involved an White/GMC/Autocar Xpeditor garbage truck, International 4700 Armored Car and an E-One Fire Truck. Check out the clip below and see what you can spot.

Obviously, the Autocar and E-One didn’t survive the movie but the International did. I’ve seen it surface on eBay a few times in the four years since the movie debut.

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  1. yaea says:

    hey man, that was a pretty good article but i really think you could mix in a lot more jokes. The articles seemed stale for such a light subject. Maybe you could include what those new kids are doing, you know, memes.

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