Field of Relics

This thing, right here, has been sitting in the same spot for decades. I have memories of seeing it as child when it was probably still a new machine. Maybe it still runs? Who can say. There doesn’t appear to be much going on around it that would warrant a bulldozer. Make and model? That’s another good question. Fiat Allis perhaps? The more I look at the photo the more I don’t see much in the way of vegetation or settling so there might be more life than meets the eye in this old hunk.

Fiat Allis Bullldozer

Speaking of hulks, look at this Ford Super County doing its best impression of tow scrapper. They may work great as snowblower platform┬ábut I’m thinking once the pan fills up this little Ford is going to have it’s work cut out for it. This was seen on the outskirts of Rome, NY on the magic mile of vintage machinery known as South James St.


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