Freightliner Coronado SD of Q-Line Trucking

One of my new favorite locations to catch trucks is a little stretch of road known as 7th North Street. For the Syracuse area this is truck spotting central. Why it took me so long to put the pieces together I don’t know. To start you have a very busy Pilot truck stop. To sweeten the deal Stadium International is located across the street. For the garbage truck fans there is solid waste transfer station at the corner. All this produces a healthy mix of OTR, vocational and the odd ball combo when it comes to trucks. Oh yeah, I-81 (North/South) and I-90 (East/West) converge at this spot. Basically the action never stops. It doesn’t matter what time of the day you stop by. Over the past few weeks I’ve grabbed more than a few interesting shots from this location. Two nights ago I came across this massive load.


Freightliner Coronado SD – Click to Enlarge

Aye carumba! You are looking at one massive excavator arm. Just imagine the size of the machine it comes from! Wow. Searching the company name of Kiewit reveales a business that is involved in every manor of heavy construction and engineering. Based on the locations this arm could be heading to mines in Quebec or Newfoundland. Really, these are a just guess based on geographic location.

The company doing the hauling is Q-Line Trucking. Check out their website by clicking here. Plenty of great shots to enjoy.

A few more from the “b roll”.

More 7th North action to come in the following days including Autocar Roll-Offs, aluminium slug hauling and just about everything else.

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  1. Vinny S. says:

    Looks like it could be for a large Liebherr dredge? That’s an awful big boom for a normal sized excavator. Here is a shot I took of a Liebherr 994 for an example –

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