Friendly Face

In this time of impeding nuclear doom, political turmoil, and ceaseless environmental disasters it’s good to see a familiar face. A constant in the sea of change. That’s how I feel about this ’99 International 2574. A Marmom-Herrington 12,000 lb driving front axle shoulders the weight of the plow while a 23,500 rear axle provides the strength for a tub of sheet metal rotting salt. Under the hood an International 53oE HEUI produces 275 raging horsepower paired to a Spicer 10 speed. Yes folk, I’ve brought my truck spotting to the next level.

Nah, I’m just kidding. You can find a photo of this truck brand new on page 621 of International Trucks by Fred Crimson. Now, it’s entirely possible that I could be wrong as the city has two of these trucks, or at least they did. For some odd reason I only seem to catch this truck at the start of winter and usually in this same location. In my mind it’s just not winter until we meet.

Yes, it’s the magical time of the year when winter and snow is still fun. When you can still walk to your car while freezing but not feel the need to curse your very existence and question your sanity to as why you live in a part of the world that receives such weather. How long will it last? 

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