Bubbling to the Surface

This International 9300 recently moved into view for a photo. It’s been hanging around a local concrete products yard for a good while now but never where it could fully be seen by hungry eyes. Will this truck be part of the next class of future classics destined to flood truck shows by the hundreds? We shall see.

Even with my affinity for Internationals I miss the truck that once inhabited a similar spot on this very lot. This 50’s 6×6 Reo. Back in 2011 we took a look at this truck but it seems photos from that distant past have gone missing. It’s strange because they still exist on server but for some reason fail to load. God only knows why. Looks like another call to tech support is in the works. It’s hard to believe I do the very same work for a living.

For posterity sake, the Reo.


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3 Responses to Bubbling to the Surface

  1. joe says:

    Was this the corner of Butternut Dr and 290? If so that Reo was there for years and years. At one time it had a concrete block crane and flatbed on it. Drove by it for easily 12 years and said “I need to get a picture of that” and never did.

  2. joe says:

    Well I am glad you grabbed this picture before it disappeared.

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