Front Load Dump Truck

This is odd. It’s a front load dump truck. I can’t say that I have ever seen on in real life. Typically you would find a cabover style truck used in this kind of setup as inevitably debris will fall over the hood. Even stranger is its location in the heart of downtown behind an apartment building. If you look closely you’ll notice an extension cord for the block heater so I’m guessing it has a regular use for someone. My first thought it was it used during renovation of nearby building but how is this better than a dumpster with that small bucket up front? Maybe snow removal? Once again, the small bucket comes throws everything into question. We might just never have a clear answer.

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  1. Andy Rezsnyak says:

    They are using this truck to empty debris over at Mitzpah. Someone posted a picture of just the bucket, with someone loading concrete into it, on one of the local “history” pages on FB…

    I guess this answers my question about the rest of the truck.

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