FWD Trucks

When it comes to snowplows they sure don’t make them like they used to! Case in point, this massive FWD for the Town of Dover, NY recently photographed by Tom. Believe it or not this truck used to be bigger. It started plowing for the Dutchess County Airport as a tandem axle but was eventually cut down to a single for better maneuverability on residential streets. Power for snow pushing comes from a Detroit Diesel 8V-92T paired to an Allison Automatic. Who wouldn’t love hearing this beast scream away while blasting through snow drifts?

FWD Snowplow

While must of us would be happy seeing this fine machine Tom was actually able to find two more FWDs!

FWD Snowplow Truck

This beautiful couple can still be found in active used by the Town of Haverstraw, NY. Bother are powered by Detroit 6V-71N engines with the older truck sporting a five speed manual with 2 speed rear end while the other truck utilizes an Allison Automatic.

FWD Truck

Thanks for sharing Tom! It seems like downstate NY is still full of FWD trucks.

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