Hawaiian Trucks

The tropical paradise that is the Hawaiian Islands has it all with white sand beaches, perfect year round weather, and stunning natural beauty in every direction. Now it comes to light that Hawaii even has more than a few cool and very heavy duty trucks. Is it possible to have more?

Ryan recently traveled from SoCal to Maui (this guy) and all other points in between. When you’re a truck nut you’re never really on vacation but simply in unexplored territory full of new possibilities. While the Hawaiian sugar industry is a shadow of its former self Ryan was able to find a few heavy haul gems of the Kenworth variety.

Maui Truck

Looking at this photo alone it’s entirely possibly to believe it was taken outside of a steel mill in Pittsburgh. In reality you are viewing the processing mill of Hawaiian Commercial and Sugar Company.

Elsewhere Ryan discovered a Kenworth C500 tanker that was once a tractor for Maui Pine. According to its driver the truck is a simply a tank and cannot be stopped. Based on looks alone I would agree.

Kenworth C500 Tanker

We’ll end our vacation with a shot of yet another C500 that once was owned by the now defunct Pioneer Sugar Company out of Lahaina.

Kenworth C500

Thanks to Ryan for sharing and check back soon for more of his photos from this trip.

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