Macks of All Kinds

It’s been a Mack Trucks heavy fall around here with Trucktoberfest and the ATHS Hudson Mohawk truck show taking place. So many great events in such a short period resulted in a backlog of bulldogs that I need to be cleared out.

I came across this old R-Model while passing through a work zone outside of Oswego, NY. Rifenburg Construction is the operator of this truck.

R-Model Mack

Even further back in time, say around early July, I was passing through Pennsylvania when this Granite hauling a Granite for Pikes Creek Site Contractors was rolling down RT 11 in Clarks Summit. PCSC is part of the HK Group.


Back on my home turf there is massive renovation of the historic Hotel Syracuse taking place. Most days if swing by the job site you’ll find trucks of some sort hauling in supplies or hauling out debris. Here we have a Barr Transportation truck leaving the scene after offloading steel scaffolding.

Barr Transport

Below, some dealer finds courtesy of Beam Mack along with one Granite of Alex Cole Paving.

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  1. Dustin says:

    First photo is a funny looking crash truck.

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