Hawkins Amusement Rides

The Ford trucks below are something like a time machine for me. I have memories of these very same trucks from decades ago as each summer they were used to setup the local Firemens Field Days. Back then the Fords were probably close to being brand new and all things considered they still look to be in decent shape. Living directly behind the lot that housed the Field Days I was treated to the sites and sounds of these trucks each July. When it came to noise the 150KW Detroit Diesel generator was the king of them all. It would echo through the neighborhood from late afternoon to well after midnight. Secretly I enjoyed the sound while the rest of my family kept the windows closed and the AC cranked up. I seem to have memories of a Ford CL-9000 that was part of the fleet. It looked great in the Hawkins colors but it now appears to have been replaced by rather boring looking blue International. It was still with the company as of 2010 according to this photo.


The Detroit is now partnered with a much larger Caterpillar Diesel. Below is a video of the two in operation. Of course the DD is screaming for its life while the Cat has more of deep steady rumble. Also included in the video is some footage of Continental Red Seal gas engine used to power the Paratrooper. A vintage power plant for a vintage ride.


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