HCEA 2014 Convention

Last year I made a resolution to bring more snow plow coverage to Daily Diesel Dose. Looking back I think I did rather well. Click here to see a compiled list of all the action. This year my goal is to visit truck shows or events I have not attended in the past. One such show already on my calendar is the 2014 Historical Construction Equipment Association national convention that will take place in Canandaigua, NY. Held in conjunction with the Pageant of Steam this show promises to be the place for heavy equipment fans this summer. I have never been to a HCEA event but from the photos and videos I have seen from past shows I am excited. I particularly like the fact that equipment is allowed to dig, dump, push, and pile as if you were at an actual construction site from years past. Yesterday Jason sent me a few photos from previous shows. I think you will enjoy what you see.

Where construction equipment goes so go trucks of both the display and working variety. It’s been a long winter. Time to get pumped about nicer weather and truck shows! The Canandaigua show will be held August 7-9th which just happens to be the same weekend as the Brockway Truck show in Cortland, NY. Tough choices will have to be made.

Thanks for the photos Jason!

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