Heavy Iron Tug-O-War

David tipped me off this video the other day in which twenty Toyota 4x4s have the ultimate tug of war against a Cat D8 dozer. Who will win? The results may surprise you although I think this event was staged. 😉

Do you think similar results would occur with a modern D8? Better yet, how about 40 electric Toyota Prii. Electric cars are supposed to have all sorts of torque right? LOL!

Now here is a contest that is perhaps a more balanced fight, a Kenworth T-800 and a Tugboat. If you watched Ice Road Truckers your probably saw promos of this event as it really was just a commercial for some brand of motor oil. Will the truck be pulled into the briney depths? Will the tug boat be pulled onshore like a harpooned whale? Will Darrell Ward win an oscar for his performance? Click to find out.

Round Two of this slug match finds the tug coming back for more in a battle with an off road dump truck. Stay tuned to find out how that one turns out! Thanks to Dave for sharing!

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