Here Comes Tomorrow

I have never tried to hide the fact that I like International Trucks. In my personal ranking system I would put the S-Series in my top five all time favorites. Until this very moment I never knew that my humble S-Series had its very own theme song but it does! This video changes everything. The disco inspired tune is the opening salvo in a dealership video on why you, the average truck buyer, should purchase the all new model. I’m sure more than a few people bought a dozen trucks just to get out of the room.

By the time the S-Series was starting to reach its prime the International Harvester Company as it had been know for nearly a hundred years was slowly being spun off into the hands of its competitors. By 1986 the truck and engine segments were the only remnants of the former industrial titan. The S-Line was the little truck that could. It proved to be a product line that buoyed the bottom line of the newly formed Navistar through the turbulent economic times of the 1980s. By the standards of today these trucks are antiques but when compared to the models they replaced (Fleetstar, Loadstar, etc) they were straight from the future.

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