How It Once Was

Time to share more photos from David regarding the trucks that once were part of the plowing scene in Connecticut. Here is an R-Model Mack from Newington having a bad day. Look at all that twisting.

newington2 (1280x987)

The Town of Bloomfield ran this sharp looking Ford L-8000 built to heavy dump specs using funding that should have been enough to cover only a single axle lighter duty truck. As David explains.

Ford Brazilian 240 horse under the hood. Had a 6613 trans, you had to row it down the street when loaded. Otherwise, all heavy duty, including the heated dump; had full live hydraulics. Occasionally got a 10 sander stuck in the back to cover a route, but mostly used with a tall one way behind a reversible single axle plow truck in front of it. Great for clearing shoulders. Also good for materials, it held a solid 18 yards.

Ford L-8000 Dump Truck

Rustic. No frills. Just a few of the words that come to mind when looking at the Bridgeport Public Works garage. At one point in time the facility was a trolley barn. In fact, some of the bays still had tracks running through the floor. Plenty of Macks in this photo.

Bridgeport Public Works garage

In the gallery below you’ll find two shots of near identical Ford Louisville plow trucks on the day they were auctioned off. The trucks were equipped with 1160 Cat engines, 5 speed trans with two speed rears and Tarco slide in sanders. The plow make is unknown. Both belonged to the Town of Bloomfield. The garage seen below with plows at the ready is from Newignton. Just look at all those Internationals 2674’s. Beautiful. The little yellow International was a custom build to plow commuter lots in East Lyme, CT. At the time low profile trucks wouldn’t hold up to the work while 1-ton rigs simply couldn’t get it done. Know you know why International felt the need introduce the TerraStar. Big truck desgin in a little truck package. Thanks for sharing David!

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  1. Zack says:

    Good to see something from my home state. You still interested in any fire truck pictures?

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