How To Drive a Big Rig in Winter

Let’s face it, this summer weather won’t be with us forever. It’s time to relearn how to drive your vehicle when the white stuff begins to pile up and up and…up. If you come from a climate that doesn’t receive any real snow you might wonder what there is to relearn? Let me tell you. Everything. I know it sounds weird but us harsh climate people literately forget all we know about winter driving by the time summer is over. You should see the panic and overreaction that fills the streets when Susie Snow Flake begins to fall in mass quantities. Cars spinning out. People traveling no faster than five miles per hour on the interstate. Schools closed for days at a time. And then, before you know it, October has passed and the roads are filled with grizzled ice roads veterans. A blizzard is on the way? Who cares! Old Navy has a sale! Yup. Just like that.

So take a moment to brush up on your winter driving skills by watching this old film from the mid 1950’s. Obligatory happy background music comes free of charge. You know you are watching a film from a hardier time in history when the narrator tells you to wear heavy clothes not for comfort but because your window will be down to avoid death by carbon monoxide. Can you image saying that to a modern audience? The automotive star of this film is a International R-190 single axle truck that from the looks of the interior was brand new at the time of filming. I really enjoyed the sights of the snow covered 50’s highways and biways. I was hoping for some snow plow footage but that never happened. You can’t always get what you want but sometimes you get what you need. Enjoy.

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