Hydrofracking Truck

Despite your stance on hydrofracking I think we can find common ground in the belief that the trucks and heavy equipment used in the process are enjoyable to watch and photograph. Today I have some pictures to share from Alex who recently attended a trade show in Dallas, Texas devoted the automation of such machines. On display was a five axle Tatra representing the latest technology of the field.

Tatra, a Czech Republic based company, is brand rarely seen in the United States. From what I could find there used to be a connection between Tatra and PACCAR when it comes to off road vehicles and their distribution. I’m not sure how that relation stands as it appears Tatra just went through some form of bankruptcy.

Like many other aspects of modern life the hot trend is moving all functionality to the “cloud” for complete control. A sign near this rig states that all functions of this machine can be controlled remotely or from a single control panel near the cab.

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