I went to California

Well take a look at this…a new post! We haven’t seen one of those around here in quite some time. As the title notes I was in California for the past week, specifically Palm Springs. I had plans to post a few days during the trip but the desert sun and the laziness that comes with it had other plans. Despite the struggle I did find time to snap a photo or two.

Up first is the distinctly Californian style of fuel transport, the straight truck with pup trailer. As one would expect it’s a Peterbilt with plenty of chrome and polished aluminum. I don’t know the exact reason behind this style of setup over a traditional tanker and tractor but I’m guess some unique combination of weight and state law gave rise to this setup. Maybe it’s just easier to get in and out of stations? If you know, let us know. 

In the heart of downtown Palm Springs there is an exotic car dealership slash auction house by the name of McCormicks. It was fairly dead for the season when I wandered by but it comes back to life in the fall with hundreds of unique cars and trucks crossing the auction block. On the lot there was a variety of vehicles all rubbing fenders with each other. Bentley next Chevy. Ford next Jaguar. There even was a 53 Ford C500 in the way back corner for only 25,000 plus a 5% buyers fee!

Getting in on the west coast garbage truck spotting scene here is a Mack from Palm Springs Disposal Service. Looking at those tanks suggest alternative fuel in the form of CNG perhaps?

And on the Still Working side of things here is a pristine Chevy bucket truck. It’s amazing how long a truck will last when not exposed to road salt, beet juice, brine, or whatever else is dumped on the roads these days.

That about sums up my truck adventures from the trip. Hopefully we’ll be back to regular schedule now once I readjust to east coast time.

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