Ice Logging

There once was a show on Discovery called Extreme Loggers. I don’t remember watching it myself but the premise seems to focus on various logging crews from around North American using various techniques to harvest wood. The opening credits actually show the crew of Bobby Goodson before they landed their own dedicated hour long program, Swamp Loggers. At some point Extreme Loggers decided to focus on one operation and selected to a follow Pine Ridge Logging of northern Alberta, Canada.

I’m not sure how many episodes were produced but at least three exist on YouTube. I have placed them in a handy and easy to use playlist for your viewing pleasure. The format of this show is very similar to American Loggers and Swamp Loggers. If you liked either of those two shows you will enjoy this small series. I particularly enjoyed episode three with the tilting of chip trucks to 60 degree angles for the purpose of unloading wood.

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