If it’s not broke…

If it’s not broke…don’t replace it it! I couldn’t believe it when I saw the photos below. The City of Utica, NY still has four FWD plow trucks in active service. Four! Long live the old iron. Maybe a decade ago this discovery wouldn’t have been such a big deal but now a days you don’t just don’t find these rigs in large numbers or on the front lines. Sad but true.

FWD Plow Trucks

These FWD’s have probably seen more than their fare share of newer trucks come and go. They now share the stable with a mixed bag of International and Mack plows trucks and probably a few other makes.

City of Utica DPW

I know some of you probably saw those Macks in the background and started to drool. Don’t worry, here is one in all of its glory.

Mack Granite Snow Plow


These photos come to us courtesy of Ryan. More to come!


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