The New and The Cool

For the remainder of the week and probably into the following the material on Daily Diesel Dose will be coming from the prolific camera work of Ryan Pedone. During his short period back in NY he wasted no time covering an immense┬áportion of ground and found some really great old and new iron. I’ve been sitting on his emails for too long now. We’ll start by paying a visit to Utica and their collection of brand new Macks and too tough to die FWD’s

FWD Snow Plow

I thought it was cool seeing the trucks lined up in the garage a few weeks ago but this is much better. The Macks seem to be hold up to the rigors of life in Utica.

Mack Snow Plow

Make sure you come back tomorrow as we travel to Little Falls, NY. You won’t believe what they have hiding in their back lot.

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  1. Nice trucks – spent 6 winters in a snowplow in Central NY.

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