Iowa I-80 Truck Museum

When in Rome, I mean Iowa, head to the I-80 truck museum! Before diving into the national truck show taking place in Des Moines I traveled two hours east to the World’s Largest Truck Stop, the one and only Iowa I-80. On site there is dedicated truck museum full of the industry titans like Mack, Peterbilt and International. I was pleasantly surprised to find many other name plates and bizarre models that I never knew existed before my visit.

I know before my visit I had never heard of an Available. The low amount of these trucks around shouldn’t be a surprise as only 2,500 trucks were produced over a 40 year period before the company was purchased by the Crane Carrier Corporation.

This late 30’s Fageol is believed to be the last of it’s kind in existence. It’s truely an amazing and unique truck. It is complete with a Cummins Model H, a 4+3 trans and Timken worm gear drive axles.

The collection is very diverse and well worth the visit. Some of the trucks were missing as they were brought down to the show in Des Moines. We’ll see some of them later.

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