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IRT Deadliest Roads is two episodes into the new season and much has happened. Here is a quick recap about some major events and my thoughts on the show overall. To begin, the truckers are now transversing the deadly mountain roads of Bolivia which by comparison make the Indian roads of last season seem like a modern super highway. Perhaps the only saving grace about the Bolivian roads is the lack of other traffic in either direction. The truckers from last season of Rick, Dave and Lisa are joined by “rookies” Hugh the Polar Bear, Tim and Tino. From the first two episodes Hugh and Rick are like peas in pod. They blast over the roads, ripping bits and pieces off their truck while giggling like schools girls. Reaching their destination they are confronted by the company mechanic who claims they are too hard on the trucks and implores them to drive slower. Sounds like a familiar song doesn’t it? The two are outraged that their driving would be called into question and Rick eventually runs off to pout. Later, the two find themselves stuck on muddy road in small mountain village. Rick caves to the pressure and heads back to Canada. He admits that he dislikes trucking but likes the money.

Dave and Lisa form the next driver team. They are both on edge the entire time. Lisa is scared of the roads and Dave is control freak. They give up their first drive and are forced to quick early after a mechanical failure on their second. Both have a sit down to determine the future. Dave quits, yelling at Lisa that it was never a partnership. She is sad to seem him go and believes she has lost a good friend. It’s hard to believe Dave would act this way after the trials both went through together in India last season. On the way to the airport Dave tells the producers to never call him again.

The rookies, Tino and Tim, seem to be adapting very quickly. Tim is addicted to energy drinks, adding to his perpetual eddy behavior. This compliments Tino’s laid back behavior. The producers did their work well with this pairing. Sparks will fly with these two before the season is over.

It looks like another good season of IRT Deadliest Roads is on hand. From the trucks to the locales, to the drivers their is much to take in. As far as reality shows go can you do much worse. Check out the new episodes each Sunday at 10PM EST.

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  1. BARRY says:

    I lost all respect for some of these “Andean” truckers, specialy Hugh, Tim and Tino. They were racing through some of the roads with no concern for peoples, animals or other vechicles that may have been traveling in the same route. Also, seem that they have no respect for the private property of the locals, they think that they can get away with murder because they come from a more “developed” country. Let me tell you something Mr. Bear, Tim & Tino , you may come from a more developed country but you guys have very, undeveloped morals & respect for other human beings. I hope that the TV channel/truckers took full reponsibility for the damages they caused to the houses, roads, cars, property being hauled. If you guys did the same here, your asses would have been sued to a crisp. Lisa and GW see to be the more polite and respectuf of the bunch in all maners.

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