IRT Season 5 Episode 9

For the past two episodes the truckers have dealt with a monster storm that has closed roads and disabled trucks up and down the Dalton Highway.  The episode begins with Lisa riding out the storm in her sleeper.  She has been trapped in Prudhoe Bay for nearly four days with little food or water.  With the storm beginning to break Lisa shovels our her truck and hits the road.  She rides her breaks to warm them up and to melt any snow that has built up around the drums.  Fifty miles outside of town she blows a trailer tire and is forced to turn back to the shop.

Back at the Carlile yard we join a convoy getting ready to run supplies to Prudhoe Bay as the storm has severely depleted all reserves.  Maya, Dave and Tony are set run the relief run.  Yup, Dave and Tony together again.  I think we all know how this will play out.  The three don’t even make it out of the yard before the trouble starts.  Tony accuses Dave of being disrespectful.  Dave accuses Tony “looking for something”.  You really have to wonder how these two continually get paired together.  Dave is really a lone wolf trucker and does not work well with ANYONE else.  Poor Maya has no idea what she is in for.  Dave is forced to run at the back of the convoy which will not last long.  Maya drives too slow for his taste.  Sensing trouble Tony has Dave pass Maya but Dave will be Dave and passes both.  Everyone is pissed and the CB explodes with all three yelling at each other.  Dave informs the camera that he doesn’t care what they think and that he is not hear to babysit.  Eventually HQ informs Dave that he must reconnect with the convoy which he begrudgingly does.  But just like before the other drivers are going too slow for hot road Dave.  This time he does wait for permission and passes both Maya and Tony again.  More rage on the poor CB.  No one is impressed.

The great adventure in the wilds of Ontario continue for Hugh, Rick and the unnamed driver that we see but is never mentioned.  After realizing they have made a wrong turn they must now go back across the 7 mile wide lake crossing that they JUST crossed.  Eventually the “three” make it to the destination and unload in record time.  Leaving the yard Rick takes the turn too tight and is sucked into a ditch of deep snow.  Thankfully an excavator is onsite and able to push Rick out.  Hugh comments that Rick could be a great driver if he would slow down and take his time.  Fifty miles further down the road Hugh inquires if Rick got his paperwork signed at the drop off.  Silence.  Rick forgot to have the paperwork signed, no signature equals no paycheck.  He must turn around.  While attempting to do so his truck dies and will not restart.  The frayed battery cables of the past have come back to haunt him.  Rick is reaching near ballistic levels of anger and demands that the camera crew leave his cab.  A cab door is slammed and the final straw breaks.  Rick jumps out of the cab and threatens to kill the cameraman.  A few tense moments later he retreats back to the truck.  Now seems like a perfect time for a in place Ford commercial.  The black F-150 Raptor is back and setup to bump start Ricks truck.  Rick doesn’t believe the Ford can do it while Hugh does.  Ford triumphs again as the Rick’s truck roars to life.  Back in the cab Rick and the cameraman kiss and make up.

By the end of the episode Dave has cemented his reputation as a punk, Maya has received glowing praise from Tony, and Lisa is back home playing with her pony.

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