IRT Season 5 – Episode Two

Episode two begins with a Lisa Kelly facing an old foe, the car trailer.  Long and tall, the car trailer is risky business on the Dalton Highway.  Last season we watched as Lisa succumbed to the pressure of the haul and swapped her car trailer with another driver.  This time around she is determined to finish the run intact.  With a shiny load of brand new F-150s Lisa heads north.  We are treated to some absolutely beautiful Alaskan scenery of both nature and machine.  The camera crews this year have really done their shooting spots.  Lisa’s driving skills have grown considerably this season and she makes the trek to Prudhoe Bay safely after fighting blowing snow and physical exhaustion.

Hugh and Rick continue their off road trucking with seperate trips to Little Great Bend and Bloodvein respectively.  Rick is extremely sick, running a 103 temperature and speaking like the crypt keeper.  Based on past seasons Rick seems to get sick a lot but he always fights through.  Following Hugh on the starting leg, Rick zones out and misses his turn.  He is forced to backup for nearly three miles until he reaches the turn off.  All the while Hugh chuckles and pokes fun.  The universe soon balances itself and strikes Hugh with an air leak, forcing him to stop and begin a futile search for the source.  No sooner after he disconnects the trailer does the leak stop.  An ice clog is thought to be the culprit.  After a healthy dose of swearing the polar is back on his way.

Keeping with the creative names of the great north Alex is dispatched to Red Sucker Lake.  Sounds inviting.  On the way back a Chevy Trailerblazer is found on the side of the road next to a giant hole.  Alex deduces that the Chevy has been stuck in the mud since the prior season.  So much for AAA!

Maya continues to be the eye candy of the season.  We are treated to her peeing in a cup and taking a visit to the hot springs, bikini included.  We get it, she is a woman.  Not much of her driving talent has been showcased except for her brief stint on the trucking simulator in which she ran over a pedestrian.

Driver and Carlile trainer Tony resumes his normal duties following his split from rookie driver Dave.  Tony revisits the site of his near head collision where he collects parts of his truck still littering the roadside.  Perhaps this is why he was so admit that Dave drive on the correct side of the road?

Speaking of Dave we find him stewing his own juices at the Coldfoot rest stop….two days after Tony him behind.  Eventually Phil (Carlile Trainer) comes to his rescue.  Dave immediately begins to chaffed at Phil’s instructions.  “Train, train, train, train” he yells in vain.  Dave admits he doesn’t want to start at the bottom and just wants to drive.  No one is impressed.

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