Keeping the 80’s Alive

Of recent decades past the 80’s never truely received its due. Following on the heels of the 60’s and 70’s that witnessed a cultural explosion in music, technology and other popular culture it was easy for people to look around and claim that it was the least of times. Well, looking back at the mess the world has become 30 years later the 80’s seem pretty darn good to me!

This 1982 Akerman H14 has been seen on this site before but in slightly different shape. Back in 2015 Clarence picked up this machine and sent along some photos for us to enjoy. In the two years since we saw it last the H14 has been cleaned up a bit and now belongs to R.W. Bell Construction.

If the Akerman doesn’t convince you that there were some redeeming qualities about the 80’s maybe this 1985 Ford L-9000 powered by a 350 Cummins will help change your mind?

All this goes to prove that if you take care of your old equipment it will take care of you. Thanks for sharing these great photos Rick.

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