Life After The Service

We all know that there is plenty of government waste at the Federal level. I’m sure you’ve heard the joke about overpriced hammers and toilet plungers. But maybe it all has a way of balancing out when smaller towns and local governments have a chance to pick up used equipment for a fraction of the cost of what a new rig would cost. Often times if these surplus items were not available the a small town would just go without or at worst just use old stop signs to patch the holes in the cab. Keep the windows rolled down if you feel dizzy.

Now I don’t know the backstory on these two trucks but it’s great to see them repurposed. The M195A2 as we see here was the successor to the Crane Carrier Corp built M195A. Power was provided by a Detroit Diesel DDEC-II, perhaps better know as the Series 60. The transmission in these trucks is an Allison 4 speed automatic.

Now there were specialized subsets of these trucks. As both the examples below are AWD they most likely are the M916A

Here we see the Town of Lincoln, NY with their unit hooked to a nice lowboy.

And here the Washington County DPW has a nice example of a M916A that has been lengthened and turned into a plow truck.

Thanks to Clarence for the share on this one.

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