Load Shift

It’s very possible the unlucky driver of the J.B. Hunt Intermodal truck made the left turn on to Kirkville Road hundreds of times if not more over the years. Sticking to the rightmost lane its only one¬†wide sweeping turn to the straight lines of the truck friendly Interstate. Almost home free but then something went wrong. I’ll take an educated guess and say something shifted in the trailer at the worst time. My dad was passing through not long after the accident happened and took some photos and videos of the recovery.

Truck Crash

LTS Enterprises and TRS worked together to flip this truck over and made it look easy. The trailer was placed up right with razor sharp precision.

LTS Enterpises

The entire process took less than five minutes once hooked up. Below is a video with some commentary from my dad and a fellow bystander.

Thankfully the cable didn’t snap! I came through the area well after this video was shot as crews were just starting to transfer the load to a new trailer. From what I could tell it looked like pallets of roofing shingles.


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