Lost and Found – Delivery Truck Hell

There was a time when delivery trucks were not just generic white Ford E-Series vans. Back in the day there were many companies who specialized in building custom bodies on chassis supplied by GM, Ford, Dodge and International. The truck you see below is an example of such a vehicle. I have no idea who the manufacturer might be but for some reason I feel it was built on a Chevy chassis. The magazine Vintage Truck runs a regular series on panel vans and delivery body builders. I hope to dig through my archive and come up with an answer soon.

Until then will we just have to enjoy and analyze the photos provided by Dave T. With the exception of the fuel truck everything you see below Dan found at a parts yard in Marcy, NY. The little white truck is a 1974 AM General FJ-8A.

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Did you notice that hippy box truck in the background? Groovy and creepy at the same time. Big thanks to Dave T. for sharing these great shots!

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