Lost and Found – Federal and Kenworth

Last weekend as I traveled south on I-81 through Binghamton I noticed a large green tow truck poking through the tree line. Having passed this location many times in the past I was surprised that I never took notice of such a unique looking rig until now. Considering that I was traveling at 65 m.p.h. I didn’t have much time to figure out the make or model. I made a mental note of the location for a possible return trip that was quickly forgotten. As fate would have it I received an email today from Andy with shots of the very truck I saw. Talk about a small world!

Andy happened upon the trucks the same way I did when travelling down 81. Not content to wait for a possible return visit he stopped and spoke with the current owner of these classics. The truck below is Federal which makes it a very rare find. Soaking in the details of this truck reveals all sorts of vintage levers, lights and other unknown mechanical bits.

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Leaping forward a few decades we have the next generation of tow technology represented by this Kenworth. The back story on this truck is a little more detailed than that of the Federal. Apparently the owner of the Kenworth was shot and killed during a robbery but not before he dealt a fatal blow to his assailant. Yikes.

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Some of the details of this truck include the slogans “No hill to steep, No ditch to deep” and the classic “23 1/2 Hr Service.” The wrecker body looks to be a Winter-Weiss which is a new one for me.

According to Andy the Federal is for sale while the Kenworth is awaiting a restoration project.


Know of any old trucks or heavy equipment in hiding?  Email Me!


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2 Responses to Lost and Found – Federal and Kenworth

  1. Scott Albrecht says:

    Where in Binghamton are these trucks ? I would like to look at them up close

    • Eric says:

      I have never been there in a person so I don’t know how accessible they really are but from Google Maps take exit 6 from 81 South. Continue to head south on RT 11, keep an eye out for Fuller Rd then follow to Grant. You should be in the area by that point.

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