Lost and Found – Mack and International

Today’s lost and found members come to us from the wilds of Madison County, NY. The Mack R-Model and the International Fleetstar are slowly disappearing behind years of overgrowth and brush. They are joined by a Caterpillar and Massey Ferguson (not pictured) dozer. Signs on the International and dozers say M.W. Callahan Excavating, a company lost to time.

*UPDATE OCT, 2011* These trucks and bulldozers are GONE! Most likely to the scrap heap. Look for their return as a Chinese made toaster this Christmas.

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2 Responses to Lost and Found – Mack and International

  1. Andy says:

    I can tell you for sure, they were scrapped. I know the son of the fella that owned these. He was having problems with folks (meth scrappers) stealing his stuff and the town coming down on him for having that stuff there.

    But wait there’s more. If you drive down to Callahan’s Marina on Rt 31 on the south shore of Oneida Lake near Rt 13, you will find some old trucks that he didn’t scrap, and some nice vintage equipment.

  2. Joe says:

    Late to the party here, but I remember these trucks well. During high school I lived about a mile away from Callahan’s yard. They used to have a gravel bed off Bolivar Rd. just past the Madison County transfer station and the Town of Sullivan’s garage.

    Callahan had two Fleestars- the tandem F-2010A in the picture which was V8 gas powered (probably a VS478 or 549) and a single axle 2010A, same color with a Red Diamond six in it. They also had a circa ’72-’73 Brockway N358LL tandem that was parted out to a new Intl F-2574 glider kit, probably around 1987 or so. There was a black & silver Mack R-model single axle dump in the fleet for a while as well.

    That Mack RS tractor (a 1969 vintage?) arrived around 1986 from what I remember to pull both the lowboy and a tandem dump trailer. Prior to this Callahan had two excellent tandem tractors that were both Detroit 8V-71N powered- a ’71-’72 Ford WT-9000 cabover sleeper and a similar vintage GMC JH-9500 high cab non-sleeper.

    One last truck memory I have of them was an old R-model International with plow equipment on it that sat out back. It was dark green so I always suspected it was an ex-Town of Manlius truck.

    Thanks for sharing Eric. I always regretted not getting any pictures of this fleet in action.

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