Terex Titan – A moving green mountain

When GM ruled the industrial world it did so with a diverse and complex line of products.  Through a large family tree of subsidiaries “the general” produced locomotives, jet engines, muscle cars, bulldozers, city buses, and the common family sedan.  In 1973 one such subsidiary created the largest dump truck of that time, The Terex 33-19, better know as The Titan.  Keeping it in the family the Titan was powered by a turbo charged, intercooled, GM sourced, Electro-Motive diesel locomotive engine.  A 960 gallon fuel(diesel) capacity was required.   All wheel drive was standard, no small feet considering there were a total of ten, 12 foot tall wheels to move .  With the box extended the truck towered nearly five stories above the earth.  The 33-19 was a prototype, the future of mining trucks in the eyes of General Motors.  The company foresaw a future in which the quality of ore would decrease, resulting in the need for mine operators move more material.  This vision was prophetic but would not come to pass for nearly three decades, resulting in only one truck ever reaching completion.  The Titan wore the crown of “world’s largest dump truck” until 1998 when it was surpassed by the Caterpillar 979.  In 1992 the end of the road was reached and the Titan entered it’s golden years at a retirement home in Sparewood, British Columbia.  Stop by and visit some time.

Image: James Heilman MD

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  1. Rachel says:

    I m being erious.Where do you learn how to get licensed to drive these monsters. I live in a mining area and would like to know how to educate myself with these s a better means of living. Pluss how cool would it be to say I get to drive one every day.

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