Lost and Found – Yolo

If you read the title above you’re probably shaking your head and wondering why I would use the slang term YOLO (You Only Live Once). This phrase is the creed of teenagers everywhere to explain away poor choices and rash decisions. Thankfully it doesn’t have anything to do with this site or this truck beside the fact that it resides in the County of Yolo, California.

Ryan shares with us this cool International R-200 he recently discovered. The rust is minimal at worst and all the major components appear to be intact. The aluminium buds up front give this truck a true west cost vibe. Most likely large a International Red Diamond gas engine resides under the hood if this truck has remained stock.

International R-200

The fenders and grill are without major dents. All lights and markers still exist along with one solitary air horn and exhaust stack complete with flapper. You’re looking a true survivor here. With some fresh fuel and batteries you could tear off into the sunset or at least onto your trailer. Based on the split rear windows I would guess this truck is of the 1954 or 55 variety.

International R-200

Great find Ryan! Thanks for sharing!

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  1. Scott Beange says:

    Suggest the engine is a diesel – fender mounter air filter and large vertical exhaust. Likely a Cummins J

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