Mack Granite – Single or Double?

Today we have two Mack Granites of different wheel base and setup but owned by the same government agency, NYSDOT.  The first Granite is single axle and probably two or three years old based on the headlights setup.  Not much to say about this truck, it’s a pretty standard DOT setup.  The plow gear upfront sure does look heavy duty though.

NYSDOT Granite - click to Enlarge

The Granite below is just a tad different from it’s brother.  To start, it’s a twin axle with an aluminium dump bed.  Notice the tanks on the side?  Probably for some type of chloride or brine solution.  Moving to the cab we find some chrome do dads on the hood along with some nice looking grey fender flares.  Put this together with the different headlights compared to the truck above and we might be looking a fairly new Mack.  And how about that plow gear?  Looks like this truck is set up for double wings.  Don’t forget about the belly blade down below.  I can’t say that I recall seeing scrappers on NYSDOT trucks so this may be a new setup or a test.

NYSDOT Mack Granite - Click to Enlarge

Look for these rigs on your local roads this winter!

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