Maid of the Mist Battle

There was a little dust up along the US/Canadian border last year when it was announced the company that operates the Maid of the Mist boat tours had lost the contract for the 2014 season and beyond. Many were shocked as the M of the M is a fixture at the falls. Fearing an iconic loss the Governour of NY struck a deal to ensure boats would still depart from the American side of the Niagara River. The company that won the contract for the Canadian side cried fowl and now lawyers on both sides are becoming rich. While the case works it’s way through the legal system construction is under way on a dock and crane system for the boat tour to operate from the U.S.

Last week a massive crane arrived on scene that will become part of the lifting system used to retrieveĀ boats for the winter season. Making it’s way from Germany the Liebherr crane weighs 157 tons, can lift 220 tons and has a maximum reach of 78 feet. Here it is awaiting assembly. Thanks to Dan for all the photos you see here.

IMG_9748 copy

Also found at the scene is a Manitowoc 888 Ringer from All Crane

IMG_9744 copy

Dan was so inspired by the work he put together a scale model display of the action.

IMG_9703 copy

Just kidding. Through the miracle of modern cameras and photo editing anything can be made to look like a toy. Still very impressive.

As always, major thanks to Dan!

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