Massey Ferguson 1979

I really enjoy vintage promotional films like this one produced by Massey Ferguson for investor audiences of the late 1970’s. The economic realities of the times bleed into the video as scary terms like “new management team” and “restoring the company to profitability” are tossed around while footage of combines and tractors take shape in presumably now closed factories. But I digress, this video is well worth the watch if not for great shots of now vintage equipment but to see factory life of years past. And to be honest, the disco music is somewhat catchy. Perhaps my favorite part is watching the CEO of a multinational company lighting the cigarette of factory working while standing on the production line!

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  1. Kurt McLucas says:

    Excellent video clip…I love seeing the Old GMC 9500 hauling the load of combine heads…smoking on the factory floor…WOW, try that today

    Thank you for posting, Kurt

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