Michigan 180 Wheel Dozer

This past weekend I came across a interesting┬ápiece of unique iron, a Michigan 180 series III wheel dozer. Unlike most loaders this 180 does’t articulate in the middle of the chassis but instead relies on rear articulating wheels. Rubber tires provide greater high end speed as opposed to tracked machines which makes them valuable in large open pit mining environments. Obviously we are not open pit mining in East Syracuse but rather pushing snow around. I have to imagine that any curb you hit with this Michigan is going to be ripped right out of the ground. Don’t scrap the asphalt.

Michigan 180 Wheel Dozer

Below is a short walk around video that will help you soak in all the details.

On the topic of wheel dozers check out this insane looking contraption. It’s a Melroe Multi- Wheel Dozer. Eight wheels, twin diesel engines, 26 by 7 foot blade, 100 tons of steel. Steering is similar if not exact to what you would find in a skid steer loader. The blade is up front is able to rotate to a near 45 degree angle while pushing material. This machine is a very interesting concept that never caught on. Either it’s not as good as it appears or the influence of Big Dozer squashed the little guy. After watching this video I want one and so will you.

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