Move Over For Yellow

Passing through Scranton, PA this summer via I-81 I found myself stuck in slow moving traffic that stretched over the horizon. This is not a surprising situation if you know anything about travel through this part of the world. Heavy traffic volume, constant construction and narrow shoulders conspire to cause constant traffic congestion. Sitting in the passenger seat I figured I’d make the best of boring situation and snap a picture of this Kenworth rotator of Milewski Towing. Moving further along it became apparent based on State police taking detailed photo and measurements that something more serious than a fender bender had taken place. Returning from my trip a few days later a quick web search confirmed the worst, 29 year old tow operator, David Duchnik, had been fatally injured while recovering a disabled vehicle.

It New York State it is a law that when motorist encounter a vehicle such as police, tow truck, snow plow or similar they must move over or at the very least slow down. Sadly, despite this law, there have been at least two deaths of tow and DOT operators since this tragic event in August.

Please, the next time you see a police officer, construction worker or tow operator, slow down and give them the room they need to return home to their family alive and well.

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3 Responses to Move Over For Yellow

  1. Dave says:

    The Pennsylvania Turnpike’s Operation Orange Squeeze highlights the issue of accidents in work zones and the hazards faced every day by those who build and maintain our roads.

    Take the Safe Driving Pledge today at:

    Their advertising campaign is very powerful. I highly recommend the videos be watched by all.


  2. Mark Bickelhaupt says:

    My only add to Dave & Eric is that before law enforcement & tow arrive Fire/EMS are in the road. They are usually there longer than anyone other than DOT on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter what color the lights are, Move Over and Slow Down for all!!!!

  3. Dave says:

    Excellent point Mark. Bottom line is we all need to slow down for everyone’s safety when we see the warning signs and lights.

    All it takes is a few of us to take the lead and everyone else has to slow down behind us!

    I encourage everyone to watch the PTC videos and think about them when you see the lights and signs.

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