Navistar introduces ICT+

The war against nitrogen oxides has produces a wide range of acronyms, DEF, SCR, EGR and now, ICT+.  Today Navistar provided some insight on how they plan to meet EPA 2010 emission mandates with the introduction of In-Cylinder Technology Plus.  As we all know by now, the dream of EGR has come to an end.  It’s unclear exactly what ICT+ exactly is but rumors have speculated that the Maxxforce engines will remain with some form of SCR equipment grafted on with a solid urea used over the more standard fluid.

Either way, the markets did not care for the announcement which consisted of short webcast.  Clearly it was hoped the rumor that Cummins would begin supplying engines at the start of 2013 would eventually become truth.  It remains to be seen how buyers will react to this news.  With today’s announcement Navistar has basically admitted that their engine technology was a flawed concept.  The sales force and marketing department have their work cut out for them now.

The new ICT+  engines are slated to be available at the start of 2013 and according to the company will be well on their way to meeting 2014 and 2017 emission regulations.  If this statement proves to be anything but 100% accurate it could very well spell the end of the company as we know it.


Navistar Announces ICT+

Too Little Too Late for Navistar

Navistar Bends on Emissions Technology

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