Neverending Road Work

It has been awhile since I’ve shared some photos of the neverending road work taking place in downtown Syracuse.¬†Progress is starting to show with half of the once torn up streets now paved. Some still require a final layer but soon they will be as smooth as glass. We’ll see how long that lasts. Here are some of the trucks and other equipment I’ve watched during my lunch breaks over the past month.

Hood scoops = Turbo Power. This Mack CL of Vestal Asphalt was seen applying a layer of tack coat.


It’s always a pleasure to see older trucks on the job like this Ford of Chris Coker Trucking.

15055680555_7601b4f62a_o (1024x733)

The Cat paver in the gallery below appeared to be almost brand new at the time of the photos. A Barrett Paving crew was running the machine despite the Villager Construction logo on the side.

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