New Truck Convoy

Today we have new trucks on the way to their future homes. I assume the two Western Stars below are heading to the same owner based on their matching paint color. They are both 4900 models. If I remember correctly the truck doing the hauling is powered by a DD16. The truck being towed is a Set back axle with a reaaaaaaally long frame. It left the factory with a DD15. Both trucks are sporting some sort of Allison transmission. Sorry gear jamers.

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Also in the same parking lot was a group of new Peterbilts of the 337 variety.

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2 Responses to New Truck Convoy

  1. Jeff Shaw says:

    you should see the new trucks we get to make into log trucks, and crane trucks. every one of them are that long. ive seen tons of them since i was old enough to know what a truck was. just got one 3 days ago we built brand new in 2000, took the body off, and the loader is next.

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