Obstructed View

There are times when you can grab the perfect shot of a truck. Usually this takes place at show or when the rig is parked. Then there are times when you have to shoot on the fly…usually through a windshield or maybe tall grass. Such was the case with the trucks below.

I spotted this International Prostar yesterday hauling a Mammoet Kamag 2404. The setup was travelling down the interstate so the only way to grab a photo was through the windshield. Don’t worry, I was a passenger at the time. If you are unfamiliar with the Kamag it is a very interesting device. They are modular in the sense that you can hook as many as 20 together in a variety of patterns for the moving of nearly any oversized and overweight load. They can spin in a circle, rotate, and even crab walk. There is a nifty data sheet you can read by clicking here. I would also suggest visiting the Mammoet and Kamag websites for more unique equipment.

Click to Enlarge

Other times you find that it’s not just bug guts on glass that get in the way but tall weeds! I couldn’t let this Western Star move on without taking a photo of it. Nice vintage look.

Western Star – Click to Enlarge

And a few others “obstructed” shots. There should have been one more in this gallery but I forgot to add it. Stay tuned!


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