Old Farm Hands

There is a place near Savannah, New York that is prime potato growing country. If you didn’t know that before this post now you do! There is also a farm on that way that is loaded with antique trucks presumably used to harvest the crop. You won’t see any of those here as they are tucked away and only visible in glimpses through open barn doors. Sorry to tease but that’s the way it is. For some reason this old B-Model isn’t nice enough to be part of the indoor fleet. This truck has been sitting outside at this location for as long as I’ve passed by which has been once a year for the past four or five years now.

Was it red? Or was it blue? Guess that depends on your outlook. Nearby a fleet of former military trucks slowly dissolve before our very eyes. I believe it was MacArthur who said that old soldiers never die, they just fade away. How true.

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  1. Andy R. says:

    These trucks have been sitting here as long as I can remember… 25ish years…

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