On the Job – Garbage Trucks

Trash. Garbage. Rubbish. Refuse. Common words to describe the leftovers of our daily lives that no longer have value. Trucks like the two below haul it away on a weekly basis.

I caught both of these trucks waiting for the loading docks to open so they could exchange empty dumpsters for full ones. The Feher Rubbish Removal truck has any easier time with its load compared to the entrance awaiting the Waste Management driver.


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Unloading the WM dumpster into the building requires a skilled hand. There is very little room on either side of the entrance. The dock does not have enough height to allow the boom to fully extend so the drive must spool out and then pull ahead. The process repeats until the entire road is blocked by truck and dumpster. Then the fun part begins. Shoving the dumpster back into the building. I work next door and you can always tell when the process is underway by the sound of screeching metal and shaking floors.

See video below for an idea of what it takes.


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  1. Andy says:

    I was down on Fayette St. last week, and watched a Syracuse Haulers truck with a roll-off backing into the old NYNEX building. With the roll-off halfway off the truck, the driver had at least four attempts going back and forth, back and forth. I watched as I waited for the light so that I could turn down Montgomery… He must not have been able to see into the building, it was sunny for a change…

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