On the Job – Kenworth T-800

The County of Onondaga in NY has embarked on ambitious variety of green projects designed to collect rain water run off before it reaches storm and sanitary sewers.  According to the savetherain.us

The “Save the Rain” program is a comprehensive stormwater management plan intended to reduce pollution to Onondaga Lake and its tributaries. During wet weather events, stormwater flows into the local sewer system, causing heavy flow periods that can overload the system. During times of overload, the system is designed to release combined sanitary flow and stormwater into local waterways (Harbor Brook, Onondaga Creek). This event is known as a Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO). CSOs significantly reduce water quality in local tributary water bodies including Onondaga Lake.

Save the Rain includes green roofs, permiable municipal parking lots and roof top cisterns while also addressing small residential projects like rain barrels and rain gardens.  Yesterday I took a walk past the OnCenter which is currently receiving a green roof.

The Green Roof at the OnCenter involves the installation of a green roof system on the 59,000+ square foot rooftop of the Convention Center. The design consists of a waterproof membrane liner that is covered with a layer of lightweight growing medium, and planted with a mix of sedums (low-growing succulent vegetation). The new rooftop landscape is a self-sustaining system, requiring little maintenance once established, and relies upon natural processes to retain and evapotranspirate storm water runoff. Upon completion of the project, the green roof will be one of the largest in the Northeast region

Of course, such an undertaking requires trucks, big trucks.  The Kenworth (T-800 maybe?)below belongs to Superior Cover Ground.  It was one of two trucks on site pumping material to the roof of the OnCenter.  Large hoppers on the back of the trucks are filled with the desired material and then pneumatically raised to the work site.  Superior takes pride in their trucks based on the condition they keep them in.  They have also dedicated a portion of their website to photos of their fleet in action and even pay homage to their first truck.  I like that, most business view their trucks as just another expense.

Cool truck for a worthwhile project.

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