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This past weekend I spent some time uploading photos to the Daily Diesel Dose Flickr account that I shot during the Dobbins Auto Pars auction last spring. During the middle of that process I received an email from Andy sharing some photos of buses he took at the same auction. Freaky. For the most part I didn’t take too many photos of the acres upon acres of buses that were left to rot in the fields of Dobbins. My bus knowledge is weak to say the best so I left them to the professionals. I was surprised to learn that the bus body you see below was built in Canastota, NY, just a short drive from my home town.

Andy included a great link in his email to a website that painstakingly recounts the birth, rise, and fall of all the companies that would eventually result in the business known as Oneida Products Company. Click here to learn more. The information about the company that built the buses found in Andy’s photos starts near the sales ads for the “cradle of steel.” If you have the time the entire article is worth the read.

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  1. Joe says:

    Hey Eric. Check out the Oneida bodied White there. I bet that is the same bus I took pictures of at an auction in Canastota back in 1994!

    I can’t believe it is still around. What a rare bird and I hope someone didn’t scrap it after this auction at Dobbins. Amazing!

  2. Sean Philipp says:

    Does anyone know of an 1957 Oneida Warrior School Bus Body on a ford chassis with windows intact? Complete or part out.

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