Oshkosh P2323 Plow Truck

Check out this beautiful 1973 Oshkosh P2323 snow plow recently shared by Jim.

The truck is powered by a Cummins 855 producing 250 HP which was probably considered big power back in the day. As with any good plow truck it comes equipped with full time 4×4 and a selection of gearing from the 5 speed main and 3 speed auxiliary. Both front and rear axles are rated at 23,000. This rig is tipping the scales at nearly 23k without its 12ft plow.

Let it snow!

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2 Responses to Oshkosh P2323 Plow Truck

  1. Jason C says:

    Depending on the version of the 855, 250 is low-end in the HP range. With the limited use plow trucks get throughout the year, that engine should last almost forever @250 hp.

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