Oshkosh W614 Snow Plow

Most of us have a finite amount of money at our disposal at any given time. If you’re not one of these people let me know, I want to become you friend. When heading to an auction with a limited budget sometimes you’re presented with difficult choices. For instance, you could bid on this on 1960 Oshkosh W614 formerly of the Town of Bristol.

Oshkosh Snow Plow

To make the most of your cash and get a good deal you would have to take a close look at all the major components like frame, plow gear, running gear and cab. Looking at this old Oshkosh I wasn’t sure what way to go regarding condition. Sure, there is plenty of rust but it seems to be contained mostly to the surface. Inside, the cab was clean and original.

Oshkosh Truck Cab

Looks great if your ignore all that daylight coming through the floor. The frame seemed straight enough, even came with a birds nest.

Oshkosh Truck

The 6 cylinder gas was marked as not running. But back to the topic of decisions. This truck ended up selling for a mere 650 dollars. There certainly seems to be more than enough machine left here for that price. For perspective I present to you lot 301. It’s portajohn on a trailer that sold for, you guessed it, 650 bucks.


I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure which one I would have bought. 🙂

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2 Responses to Oshkosh W614 Snow Plow

  1. Mike Blais says:

    You’re right, that is a lot of truck for the money. The plow frames are Frink. Based on the serial number, I would put the year of build at 1955 or ’56.

  2. Braden Bills says:

    I think it’s interesting that a snow plow should be worth more. It makes sense since they need to be pretty powerful to push through the snow so much. I would have taken the snow plow over the portajohn any day! Thank’s for the post.

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