Over The Top

I spent some time the other day watching the movie classic Over The Top staring Sylvester Stallone. To be fair calling this movie a classic is a bit of stretch and if I want to be brutally honest (which I have to be) the movie would be unwatchable if not for the trucks. Like so many other movies in which trucks play a major supporting roll, events would have been so much better if there was less shots of actors and more shots of the trucks. Cut back on the cheesy music montages as well and let those diesel engines breathe!

For those unfamiliar with Over The Top here is the basic premise. Stallone plays a simple but hard working trucker (Lincoln Hawk) who is estranged from his wife and young son due to a rich and overbearing grandfather played by the wonderful character actor Robert Loggia. Events conspire to force the father and son together during a journey to Las Vegas in the hopes of winning a world championship arm wrestling tournament. The grand prize? The love of a son and the admiration of limb warriors across the land. Oh yeah, and a 1987 White WIM 64T.

I bring all this up because right now on eBay you have the chance to own one of the two trucks purposely built for this movie. That’s right, you can now be Lincoln Hawk and arm wrestling your way across this great land of ours.

Over The Top Truck

By the time this story is published there will be a little under one day left to bid on this movie marvel. Bidding has already reached a dizzying sum of 35,000 dollars with a reserve still yet to be met. The seller tells us this truck comes with a Detroit 8V92 producing 435 horsepower. The engine has been completely rebuilt with an odometer showing just over 291,000 miles. Everything runs good and works as should. The double bunk contains a sink, refrigerator and shower. Styling! It’s always hard to tell if a certain vehicle was actually used in a movie or tv show but based on the interest and current price people must believe this is the real deal. So what about that second truck? A little digging across the web reveals that it showed up at a Mecum auction in the fall of 2012. Pictures of this rig are more flattering as it basks in the California sun.


This truck seems to be more representative of the rig shown in the many background shots of the arm wrestling tournament. No details on the engine but Mecum does tell us this one has an automatic. Hmmmm. Also, looking at some the Mecum photos reveals a refrigerated trailer in the background that matches the paint scheme on this truck. Original or not it certainly was not in the movie but would look great after a repaint. The hammer dropped on this truck for a mere 15,500 leaving it unsold. Now if you’ve seen the movie you may be wondering about the other diesel star, a 1965 Autocar A64B. There is a long back story about that truck or should I say trucks. However, that is a story for another day. *cough*autocar mondays.

Original Ebay Auction: Over The Top movie show truck

Mecum Auction: 1986 White Volvo Semi Truck (free registration required)

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11 Responses to Over The Top

  1. Jay says:

    Do you know how many of the 1965 Autocar A64B were used in the production of the movie? How many are still alive, and where are they now?

    • Eric says:

      From what I recall 3 or 4. One resides in a movie car junk yard in California while another made it to a location Virginia. The rest are presumed to be gone for good.

  2. Rafael says:

    This is a Freightliner?

  3. Ryan says:

    I want to know where the blue Volvo in the movie ended up.

  4. Darrin Wells says:

    The blue truck shown from the rooftop?
    It is in Alabama.

  5. Rodney says:

    I have the original plague describing the Volvo that was in the movie of your interested plz email me or leave a me5here

  6. Rodney says:

    I have the original plague describing the Volvo that was in the movie if your interested plz email me or leave a me here and plz tell me information if anyone knew about the plaque

  7. Christopher West says:

    Any idea where this truck ended up or how to find it? I want it. Have loved That movie since I was a kid.

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