Permanent Resident

I went to the Lake George this past weekend and the Empire State Towing and Recovery Association was holding their annual convention. 

It seems with each passing year the trucks become larger and more powerful…and expensive!

As some of your might have noticed all of my senses are constantly on alert for International S-Series and 4000 Series trucks. Out of the corner of my eye I happened to notice the unmistakable cab roof lines of my dreams.

This pristine example hails from the early 80’s as it still sports the IH emblem on the grill. Amazing.

On the way home I took a route through the lesser traveled regions of the state. Preston greatly enjoyed the lack of internet on his tablet. Pulling over to console him regarding his return the stone age I stopped in front of this old trailer.

Baldwin-Ehert-Hill made a variety of asbestoses products of the course of its existence. Now it remains as interesting roadside relic.

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